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“Dig Your Well Before You Get Thirsty”

Are you the kind of person who markets your business day in, day out, in a consistent manner? Or do you only start marketing your products or services when business is slow? If you want to have a steady flow of people or businesses to sell to, you must market your business every single day. …

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This Actually Works To Help You Get Referrals And Repeat Sales

Become In Information Filter for Your Customers and Prospects. The Information Age that we live in can be very challenging. Something you learned just three months ago could be outdated today. Everyone (including your clients and prospects) is suffering from information overload. I believe that one of your jobs as a marketer, sales person and …

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5 Tips on How and When to Ask for Referrals

Small business owners and sales professionals do not regularly ask for referrals. I read recently that about 70% of sales people don’t ask for referrals. They don’t even approach the subject with their clients. Why? Many are afraid of being rejected. Some falsely believe that they will make their clients feel uncomfortable. Others think asking …

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11 Ways To Use Promotional Products To Boost Your Sales

1. SALES CALL – Leave a promotional item that will keep your sales message in front of the buyer after the business card has been filed out of site. 2. TRADE SHOWS – Boost booth traffic by having a unique promotional item others don’t. When other attendees see the unique item, they will ask what …

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Eleven Tips for Effective Offline Networking

As business owners or sales professionals we know that networking can be an effective strategy for finding and attracting sales leads. Most of us could probably increase our sales if we worked on improving our networking skills. Networking isn’t about making an immediate sale; it’s about developing and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships. With that said …

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