Lead Generation Magnets – You Need Them

What is a Lead Generation Magnet?


lead generation, sales leads, lead magnet, kevin toney marketing coachOne of the most effective ways to capture new leads is with a Lead Generation Magnet.

A magnet by definition is something that ATTRACTS. So a Lead Generation Magnet is used to ATTRACT leads.

The strategy is to create some kind of content that you think your potential clients would value enough, that they’ll give you at least, their email address in exchange to get your Lead Generation Magnet.

Offer your Lead Magnet free to your prospects.

5 Lead Magnet Ideas

1.  E-Book
2.  A 1-5 page Free report on a how to solve a specific problem
3.  CD/DVD
4.  A Seminar/Webinar
5.  Send out a series of 7 related email explaining how to do something

The best Lead Generation Magnets educate and inform people how to address an issue or solve a problem they are having.

Your next step is to promote your Lead Magnet everywhere and anywhere you think your prospects will see it; online and offline.

If you need some help to develop and implement your Lead Generation Magnets, contact me.

I have a FREE REPORT to share with you: 10 Magnets to Capture More Leads Online 


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