Facebook Marketing – Do Not Put All Your Eggs In one Basket

Perhaps the biggest Facebook Marketing mistake most people make is not using their Fan page to build an email list. Building an email list from your fan page is very important for two reasons:


1. Facebook is a social media, emphasis on SOCIAL. People don’t go to Facebook to buy stuff. You shouldn’t try to use Facebook like just another media to sell stuff. People are on Facebook to keep up with their friends, family and interests.


2. You don’t own Facebook.  Mark Zuckerberg owns it!  As popular as Facebook is right now with millions of people, you’d be taking a huge risk with your business by putting all your marketing eggs in the Facebook basket. Many small businesses are tempted to doing this  because it’s free. Don’t fall for it.


Building an Email or Cell phone number list (to do text message marketing) of your fans is arguably the number one marketing goal you should try to achieve on Facebook.  You can use surveys, special offers that direct people to a specific landing page, sweepstakes and other contest.


In my opinion small businesses should be consistently trying to move their fans over to assets that they own 100%, such as an email or text database. Then use that database to communicate with people to convert them from “fans” to paid customers.



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