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lead generation marketing, prospecting for leadsI believe that Lead Generation strategies are the most important element of any marketing plan. Especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Don’t get sucked in to the brand building game. Branding is for bigger companies that have big marketing budgets, not businesses operating on a shoe-string marketing budget.

Here are 31 Lead Generation, prospecting attracting ideas. I’m sure there is something on the list that you can implement in your business. These examples are courtesy of the 60 Second Marketer.

1. eBooks – If you’re like most businesses these days, you blog. If you blog well, you’ll have a series of related articles with comprehensive how-to tips or stories. Take five to ten of these themed articles and turn them into a resourceful eBook. Set up a landing page on your website to email-gate your book and give it away for free. You generate warm leads and get seen as a knowledge leader in your sector. You don’t have to be a B2B to generate leads with ebooks. B2C’s use this tactic too, with recipe, do-it-yourself or fashion books.

Here’s an example from 60 Second Marketer, of how to give away a free ebook and develop closer ties with your readership:

2. Webinars – Host a webinar related to your industry. Get people to sign up through your website to get leads. Webinars warm your leads, as you’re speaking directly to future and returning prospects.

3. Live workshops – Similarly to a webinar, host a live workshop to educate your demographic about an industry related tip. Make it engaging, with questions that you ask your viewers. You could even make a test at the end – that participants pass or fail!

4. Pre-recorded webinar series – When you’re planning your webinars, make themed content that can easily be made into a series about your topic. Record your live webinars to reuse your valuable content – and generate more leads. Use five or more webinars to create a series on your website. Email-gate it with a teaser landing page to invoke leads.

5. Podcasts – Make podcasts by reading out your blog content, for example. Make a themed series to create a valuable source of information. Podcasts are great marketing tools as your customer can listen to them at work, home or on mobile.

6. Whitepapers – Hey, when you’re marketing to business, speak the language of business. Whitepapers are brilliant for B2B’s. Condense an eBook topic into high level tips. Create a two to three page paper that’s easy to scan and packed with information. Generate leads for your sales team.

7. Industry report – If you’re a B2B, compile statistics, charts and data related to your industry. Condense your findings into the most relevant points. Design your report into an easy to scan format.

8. How-to hub – Create content in various formats, such as blog posts, infographics, slideshares, ebooks, webinars, short videos and more. Put themed content together to create a rich, useful how-to hub for your customers.Lowes Home Improvement rules the how-to hub. They have a wealth of information with videos, tips and more. It generates leads – and creates a comprehensive community hub

9. Free demo of service or product – Give a free demonstration of how your product or services works. Get people to sign up through an email-gated landing page on your site.

10. Free consultation – Offer a free personalized consultation of your services, in exchange for an email.

11. Appointment booking – Make a page on your website for people to book an appointment with you. Get them to submit an email or phone number so you can follow up with them quickly.

12. Event registration – If you’re hosting an event, whether online or offline, make a registration page to generate leads. Your page could direct attendees to another site like eventbrite or cvent.

13. Pre-launch ordering – When you’re introducing a new product – give your most valued customers the special treatment to get it first. Set up a pre-launch page to start marketing your product and get leads.

14. More information – Encourage website visitors to get more information from you when they have a specific question they need answering.

15. Newsletter sign up – An oldy but a goody, generate emails leads with a newsletter sign up. Then send out relevant, interesting engaging content on a regular basis.

16. Exclusive membership – Set up an “exclusive membership” club. Give your customers good reason to join the club by offering the best deals, coupons and being the first know your news.

17. Free trial – Offer a free 14- or 30- day trial to generate interest in your product with a risk-free trial. Let your prospects ‘kick the tires’ so to speak. Once someone’s signed up for your offer, keep in touch with email.

18. Free quote or assessment – If your business doesn’t have set pricing models, make an easy-to-fill-in form on your site for quotes. This works well, for example, in real estate, plumbing, custom drapes and other related businesses.

19. How-to guides – Somewhat like the free ebook, make how-to guides for your business related services. How-to guides focus on specific practical tips to generate interest. For example, if you’re a real estate broker, create a ‘how-to’ guide on successful real estate investing. Make it easy to download with an email address so you generate leads.

20. Product catalogue – Make it easy for potential customers to download a catalogue in exchange for an email.

21. Daily tips – Send out daily tips or inspiring quotes related to your industry. For example, a spa might send out daily tips on how to reduce stress.

22. Discounts and Coupons – Host a coupon directly on your website. Coupons are great lead generators as they attract people who are interested in your particular deals – and they can you an immediate sale.

23. Loyalty programs – Create loyalty program campaigns, such as a “refer a friend” promotion. Give progressively better discounts and exclusive offers to customers bringing in the most referrals.

24. Free gift – Give an actual physical gift for free. Offer a free, branded t-shirt, or a sample of your product. Mail it out to your potential customers in exchange for their email and contact information. There’s nothing quite like giving something of tangible value to deepen your customer ties.

25. Choose a book cover – This is a brilliant tactic to both involve your readers in your content, and start to market your upcoming piece…Jamie has done this superbly, by reaching out to his readers and asking us which ebook cover we prefer. He doesn’t generate email leads (he uses many other engaging tactics to show up in our inboxes!), but he does spread the word about his book and gets us interested in its future success.

26. Sweepstakes – Host a sweepstake. Make it easy to enter by email-gating it. Give away a prize with the perceived value to motivate your niche to enter.

27. New product name – Get your customers involved in business decisions. Ask for input into a new product you’ve developed or designed. Using this crowdsourcing tactic, you not only get leads, you spread the word about your upcoming product offering. The more vested a person is, the more likely they’ll buy your product – and tell their friends.

28. Product development input – Take the “name a new product” contest a step further, and crowdsource the design and development of a new product. This works well, for example, in a short manufacturing process such as fashion and food.

29. Product label choices – Get your prospects to engage with you – and generate warm leads – by letting your consumer tell you which label they like best.

30. Themed photo contest – Get user-generated content (and leads) by hosting a photo contest on your website. Keep your photos themed with a business marketing campaign to deepen the connection with your consumer and your brand. Motivate by offering a valuable prize.

31. Reuse themed user-generated content in a book – Ask your visitors to submit their favourite recipe, fishing tip, or online marketing tip. Give a relevant, valuable prize and a chance to be featured in your upcoming book. Select the best entries from your UCG contest to compile tips in an ebook. Give it away for free to all participants. Email-gate it for others.

Source: The 60 Second Marketer

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