It Should Be Marketing And Sales, Not Sales And Marketing

winnipeg marketing companyWhoever came up with the term Sales and Marketing has caused the failure of thousands of businesses, may be even millions. I’m sure they had no idea what they were unleashing and if they had to do it over, they would call it Marketing and Sales.

There is an old saying; “nothings happens until somebody sells something”. The truth is selling will not occur until marketing communicates a compelling offer. You should be using marketing to get your prospects to know, like and trust you.

Because of the term sales and marketing, business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals over the decades have always placed the emphasis on selling instead of marketing. They treat marketing like the appetizer, when it should be the main course.

As a marketing coach, if I earned 100 dollars everything someone says to me; “I’ll start marketing when I start making more sales”, I would be rich, not Bill Gates rich, but my seven year old son’s university would be paid for already.

I’m putting on the table today that we start calling it Marketing and Sales so we can start putting the emphasis where it rightly belongs; ON MARKETING!

The Internet has revolutionized the way marketing is done. The way we conduct marketing has changed, but it’s even more important to understand and practice the fundamentals of marketing.

Marketing must be the number one priority for every business or sales professional. No more treating it like something you do on the side when you have spare time. I’ve encountered this attitude far too often.

W. Edwards Deming, management expert, says businesses have to main functions, to innovate and to market.

A big component of marketing is building relationships and engaging with people on a human level. But relationships are not built overnight. You have to be patience, unfortunately patience is often lacking in many business owners and sales professionals, so they focus on sell! sell sell!

Selling without marketing is like rowing with one oar. You wouldn’t step into a boxing ring with one arm tied behind your back? So why try to sell without marketing. Put your emphasis on marketing and your selling will get a lot easier. It’s common sense, but my grandmother use to tell me, that common sense wasn’t very common.

Remember it should be MARKETING and SALES, not sales and marketing.

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