Mobile Websites vs. Apps

 What Is The Difference Between a Mobile Website And a Mobile App?

Mobile marketing, Kevin ToneyMobile websites and apps can seem very similar at first-glance, but they are totally different. Determining which is best suited to fit your needs depends upon a number of factors, including the make-up of your target audience, your available budget, how you plan to use them, and required features.

If possible, it’s not a bad idea to get both if they fit your goals and budget; the more mobile exposure you have, the better.

Generally speaking, mobile websites are regular sites that have been streamlined and optimized for mobile use. The display and functionality on mobile devices and mobile apps are often used in a complimentary role.

For instance, a delivery restaurant, which offers online ordering from their main website might offer the same functionality in a stripped down fashion for mobile users.

They will likely eliminate most bandwidth-intensive images and only include a basic menu instead of one with in-depth descriptions of each dish. The goal for mobile websites is to give the user the basic functionality of your main website while compensating for mobile limitations.

If that same restaurant had a mobile app, as well, users might expect to find deeper descriptions of the types of food they sell, or other information relating to the food, region, or restaurant itself.

Mobile apps are not intended or suited to be a replacement for a mobile website due to the fact that the end goal is different for both.

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