Know, Like and Trust – How to Get It, 21 Tips

Know Like Trust21  Ways to get Your Target Market to “Know, Like, and Trust”  YOU

It is said that your chances of making a sale is zero if  your target audience does not KNOW, LIKE or TRUST  YOU.  Small businesses usually tackle the KNOW factor  with traditional awareness advertising, but do very little about the LIKE and TRUST factors. Here are some tips to help tackle all three factors.

 Six Ways to help You Become Known

  1. Make sure you’re talking to the right audience
  2. Become an EXPERT in a Niche
  3. Create, Curate and distribute content your audience will like and value
  4. 4 Develop a “VALUE ADDED” free product to give away (offer a detailed solution packaged in an eBook, special report, video, or white paper)
  5. Encourage people to share your content via social media
  6. Build relationships with key influencers

Seven Actions to Build Your Likability Online

  1. Be yourself, authenticity sells
  2. Be nice! Nice guys don’t always finish last
  3. Encourage people to start a two way conversation with you
  4. Get to know your target market better via research and asking questions to discover their key issues
  5. Use multiple medias to get the most visibility
  6. Social media – 95% Relationship Building, 5% selling
  7. Share other people’s content and give credit, site source

Eight Factors That Help Build Trust

  1. Give away valuable information
  2. Whatever marketing you do be consistent
  3. Use testimonials in your marketing
  4. Use Case Studies
  5. Avoid industry jargon
  6. It’s ok to Apologize when you need to
  7. Use content marketing to avoid being and looking pushy
  8. Offer guarantees if possible in your industry

Source: CopyBlogger.com

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