Are You Getting Enough Testimonials?

 Why Are Testimonials So Important In Your Marketing?

Getting testimonials, Kevin Toney Marketing Coach, Small Business MarketingWhat people say about you is “at least ten times more believable than what you say about yourself”.

If a close friend or family member you trust recommends a restaurant or a movie to you, are you likely to believe what they say?  I think in most cases your answer will be yes.

When I tell people I can help them improve their marketing most won’t believe me because my opinion is biased. I’m promoting my self-interest and I will profit from their decision to do business with me.

However, when a third party tells people I can help them improve their marketing, their recommendation is much more credible than any marketing I can ever do because they have very little to gain. Their opinion is obviously more objective than mine.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are in, one of the most effective ways to get other people to recommend you and your business is to use lots of testimonials wherever you can in your marketing.

The best kind of testimonials do two things:

1. Talk about a specific outcome i.e.  “Joe Smith Realtor sold my house in only one week.”

2. Overcome an objective like it cost too much. i.e. “At first I thought I couldn’t afford it, but then they showed me how I could pay in installments and get all the benefits upfront”

How to Get Testimonials

The best way to get testimonials is to ask for them. But you have to make it easy for your clients to give them. Most people won’t volunteer a testimonial.

Timing plays a key role in getting testimonials, so you need to figure out when is the “best” time to ask for testimonials. After a thank you for something you have done is a good opportunity.  Or anytime your clients/customers give you a compliment.

Provide your clients with a “Testimonial Form” where they can give you feedback on your services and ask them if they can use their comments as a testimonial.

People Are Skeptical

Some people are skeptical about testimonials; they think they are made up. To combat this get permission to print their full name with their testimonial. If you can get an audio or video testimonial, this will help greatly in reducing skepticism.

Where to Use Testimonials

You can use your written testimonials in a direct mail letter, in your brochure or on the back of your business card or postcard. Online opportunities include your website, Facebook business page, email signature and if you are on LinkedIn, use their recommendation feature.

If your business has a phone system that puts people on hold, instead of playing music you can play customer testimonials.

One of the purposes of your marketing is to get people to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you. Testimonials will go a long way to gain trust.

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