Trend to Watch – Mobile Marketing

Have you tried to look at your website on a Smart Phone? If you haven’t done so I recommend you do it. If you have, you probably noticed that it doesn’t look too good. The text is too small, your layout all over the screen, nothing centers in the middle of the screen so you have to scroll left and right.  It’s pretty much a mess.

According to Forrester Research, by 2012, 50% of Smart Phone users will surf the web with their cellphone to research making a purchase.

So if you have a regular website you will eventually need a Mobile Website.  A website designed specifically to be viewed
on an iPhone, BlackBerry or Android. There are more cellphones on the planet than desktops and laptops computers combined.

That’s right folks the world is going mobile and as a business owner or sales professional you have to start thinking about
developing a mobile marketing strategy. Make it a great day!





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