This Actually Works To Help You Get Referrals And Repeat Sales

Small Business Marketing, Kevin Toney the Marketing Coach

Information Filtering

Become In Information Filter for Your Customers and Prospects.

The Information Age that we live in can be very challenging. Something you learned just three months ago could be outdated today. Everyone (including your clients and prospects) is suffering from information overload.

I believe that one of your jobs as a marketer, sales person and business owner is to sift through information and break it down for your clients, prospects or patients into small bite pieces. In today’s business environment you must become an information navigator. Many marketing experts say you have to become a publisher of relevant content.

You will not be able to fulfill this role unless you keep up on what’s going on in your industry. As part of your own education process, I recommend 30 minutes a day browsing newspapers, trade journals, magazines, newsletters, websites, blogs, podcasts and other informative sources to stay current.

While doing this, keep an eye out for useful, interesting items that you think could add value to the lives of your clients and prospects. For example a website that you came across, a free piece of software you found , an article or some entertaining video you can share.

All the new Social Media tools available today makes it very easy to share information with people. One of the best ways to share information is by publishing a monthly e-mail newsletter. You can share and spread the content of your newsletter using Social Media.

However you decide to get the information to your customers and prospects, make sure it’s relevant to the needs and taste. What you think is a funny joke, could be offensive to others. I recommend including a short note like, “Thought you might find this interested. Best wishes”

Your broad goal is relationship building. The closer or stronger relationships you have with your clients, customers or patients the more referrals and repeat business you will get.

What have you read, watched or listened to lately that would help and benefit someone else?

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