Mobile Apps or Mobile Websites, What’s The Answer For Small Businesses?

Apps Vs Mobile WebsiteJust because “Apps” is the buzzword doesn’t necessarily mean that every business needs one. Often times, a mobile website does the trick. But,
sometimes, a business needs both. An infographic featured on Mashable aims to answer the question: Which should you build first?

This very question was answered earlier this week by members of a panel, including Duda CEO Itai Sadan, at BIA/Kelsey’s Mobile Local Media
event in San Francisco.

Now, everyone reading this blog would expect Duda’s response to this question to be “Of course, you need to build a mobile website first.” Well,
you’re right…that is our response. But not because we want to sell more mobile sites. It’s because it makes really good business sense.

I was a little surprised when the CEO of Willow Tree Apps, who was on the same panel, backed this up.

The reasoning: Smartphone users go to their favorite search engines to look for information when they’re searching locally. Those search engines
don’t crawl app stores (at least not today); They crawl websites. This has always seemed a bit obvious to me, although I understand how small
businesses faced with the decision may not know which way to go.

But the decision between a mobile app and mobile website is up to the business owner. They just need to ask themselves: How do my customers
want to engage with my business?
Source: http://blog.dudamobile.com


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