My LinkedIn Pet Peeve

LinkedIn marketing, social media marketingOk, I think we can agree that LinkedIn could be an effective networking tool, but I have a pet peeve with the way many people use it. When I first started LinkedIn I was guilty of my own pet peeve too.

When people invite me to join their network they never say why they want me in their network. So I often reply back and ask.. “why did you invite me to join your network?” Rarely does anyone ever reply back. What is up with that?

Networking, whether offline or online is about building relationship. If you truly want to build a relationship with someone, ignoring their communications is not a positive way to start. Asking someone to join your network should be the beginning of building that relationship.

In my humble opinion far too many people invite others to join their LinkedIn network simply to pad their numbers so they can look popular. It’s like high school all over again.

Social Media networking is a marketing tool, like advertising. Every marketing tool you employ should have a marketing strategy behind it. So what’s your marketing strategy for inviting people to join your network?

The point of LinkedIn is to build QUALITY connections and relationships with people, people you would love to chat with over a cup of coffee. If you invite someone to join your network, tell them why. Also explain how the connection will be of value to both of you.

As a marketing research project I’m interested in finding out what people’s marketing strategies are in sending out LinkedIn invites. Tweet me your answer @dmarketingcoach, or post your comments on my blog, www.theMarketingAcademy.ca.


Marketing ideas, marketing tips, marketing coaching, marketing strategies, marketing training, marketing consultingPublished by: Kevin Toney is “the Marketing Coach”.  Kevin coaches small business owners and sales professionals on how to find and attract new customers, increase repeat business and generate a steady flow of referrals.

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  1. Kevin Toney - the Marketing Coach says:

    Thanks for your feedback. A few people told me they were going to start using my approach.

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