7 Ideas for Setting Appointments That Stick

Sales appointments, getting sales appointments, sales skilsOnce you get a referral – you’re not done yet, are you? You have to turn that referral into an introduction, set the first appointment, and then – if it’s a good match – gain the new client (make the “sale”). 

In this issue of the Referral Minute, I’d like to give you some ideas for setting better appointments. How you set appointments with referral prospects is a little different than with prospects from other lead sources. 

1. Always work from Personal Introductions. You’ll come in at a much higher level of trust than just calling the prospect without an introduction. 

2. The Value Discussion you use with your client may be the exact reason why your new prospect should take your call. Ask your client, “Do you think George would also appreciate our complete process?” “Why do you think that?” 

3. Learn as much as you can about your new prospect. Warm research – what your referral source can tell you. Cold research – what you can learn by Googling their name or looking on LinkedIn and Facebook. 

4. Don’t open your call with, “Are you busy.” Of course they’re busy! Open the call with, “I know you’re busy, the reason I’m calling….” 

5. Present yourself as “an additional resource” for them. This is a way to be proactive, but not pushy. 

6. Talk about your core benefits with the new prospect. Remember, your core benefit is not your advice or your products – it’s the solutions you provide. It’s what’s in it for them. It’s peace of mind, protecting families from depleting savings if they get disabled. It’s having money for a child’s education. It’s funding their dreams! Always talk about the benefits of what you do in terms your prospects will understand immediately. 

7. Have a clear goal for your appointment setting calls or emails. And have a back-up goal, just in case. Never leave the call without a clear “call to action” for yourself and maybe your prospect. Who will do what by when?

Source: Referral Coach International www.ReferralCoach.com

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