Four Rules of Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Rule 1: Be Interestingword of mouth marketing

Nobody talks about boring companies, boring products, boring ads, Everyone can be interesting.

Rule 2: Make People Happy

Provide excellent service. Go the extra mile. Make sure the work you do gets people energized, excited, and eager to tell a friend.

Rule 3: Earn Trust and Respect

Nobody talks positively about a company that they don’t trust or don’t like. Earn the respect of your customers. Communicate with them regularly. Fulfill their needs. Stay honest. Every company can be nicer, and every one of us can work to make our business better.

Rule 4: Make It Easy

Find a few simple words that is easy to repeat. Not your formal tagline, not your product description. Forget elevator pitch . . . it’s the pass-in-the-hall test. What can people tell a friend about you in one sentence?

* Source, book: Mastering the World of Marketing

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