Attracting New Customers, Clients

content marketing, kevin toney marketing coach, small business marketingIn order to make your business attractive to potential customers you need to demonstrate that you can answer their questions and solve their problems.

Slick advertising is no longer the answer to attracting new business. Putting together your logo, or photo with your contact info and placing it in a newspaper in my opinion is a waste of money. Readership of the YellowPages is way down. Handing out cards and brochures is not as effective as they once were. Today you need to prove to your potential clients, customers or patients that you have the information and resources to help them solve their problems and add value to their lives.

Before the internet revolution we were told to “sell the sizzle not the steak”. In my opinion this meant advertising hype was more important than offering value and quality. Most of today’s smart, informed consumers are no longer falling for the hype. They view advertising with a distrustful, skeptical eye.

Your marketing challenge is to discover what are the concerns and problems of your ideal customer and what they value most. Then use what you have learned to develop informative content that will attract them to your business, by helping them solve their problems and achieve most of what they want.

To attract potential customers you will need to become a PRODUCER and DISTRIBUTOR of informative, problem-solving content. Your content can be in the form of videos, audios, articles, books and images.

Develop a strategy to distribute your content. A simple email newsletter could be part of your strategy. The growing popularity of social medial offers many distribution opportunities.  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to mention a few. How about starting your own blog or doing an online or offline seminar?

Granted, producing and distributing your content can be time consuming, but if you have a small marketing budget it’s well worth your effort. You can also explore outsourcing your content development and distribution.

More and more people are ignoring the old traditional forms of advertising. Content marketing is one of the major trends in marketing and early indications show it can be very effective at attracting customers.  People will always seek out information to help them make better buying decisions. Content marketing gives you the opportunity to educate your prospects and well informed prospects make the best clients or customers.

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