Referral Marketing, Following Up: Seven Tips To Connect Via Email

referral marketing, word of mouth marketingAs  you know getting referrals from your current clients/customers/patients is one of the best sources for new business. With email so popular many people are making their initial contact to the referral prospect via email.  But what should you say in your first email to make a good first impression? Checkout these seven tips by author Bill Cates (the Referral Coach).

1. Use your prospect’s and referral source’s names in the subject line.

Jim – Referred to you by Laura Barnes

2. When talking about yourself in this initial email, keep it short. No more than three short sentences. And use the word “expert” or “specialist” as you offer a possible benefit.

I’m a specialist in the area of helping small business owners maximize their retirement income.

3. Present yourself as an additional resource – to your initial contact is proactive but non-threatening.

I’d like to present myself as an additional resource for you.

4. Don’t go too far too fast. To suggest an in-person meeting (which is a big time commitment for someone who doesn’t know you) from an email is often too much.

5. Per item 4, make it an easy “yes” for the prospect.

May we set up a 5-10 minute phone call to get our conversation started?

6. Consider emailing or mailing something of value (something educational – preferably related to what you know about them). If you email it to them, don’t attach it to your initial your email. The attachment could get your email caught in their SPAM filter or may cause them to now open the message.

Jim – I have a special report I know you will find interesting and valuable. I’ll be sending it to you in a subsequent email.

7. If you have some case studies posted on your website (which is a powerful strategy), give them the link to those. A good place to put this is in a PS.

Source: www.ReferralCoach.com

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