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Facebook Marketing For Small Businesses

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Facebook Marketing – Did We All Get Fooled?

Has Facebook Got You Fooled?   By: Jeff Bullas Are you chasing likes for your brand page? Paying for fans? Maybe it’s time to stop. In 2008 I joined Facebook. It was the first social media network I decided to place a stake in as my online social media home. It was fun, frivolous and free. …

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Facebook Marketing – The Seductive Power

Facebook insider document reveals that they are going to show less and less of the things you post. In Facebook speak, it’s called your Organic reach. Why? They want you to start paying. Facebook seduced and enticed us all with it’s free services and now that we are hooked they are going to be implementing …

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Facebook Marketing – Do Not Put All Your Eggs In one Basket

Perhaps the biggest Facebook Marketing mistake most people make is not using their Fan page to build an email list. Building an email list from your fan page is very important for two reasons:   1. Facebook is a social media, emphasis on SOCIAL. People don’t go to Facebook to buy stuff. You shouldn’t try to …

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Why People “LIKE” Brand Pages on Facebook

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Study discovers why people “LIKE” brand pages on Facebook. Use this information to develop offers for your Facebook fan Pages.

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