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Google Released It’s “Pigeon” Local Search Algorithm Update

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Google Released It’s “Pigeon” Local Search Algorithm Update. This will affect where you show up in the Local Search. There will be winners and losers. “DUI lawyer” and Realtor/realty/real estate, these are some of the keywords that have been negatively affected so far. These frequent changes are the reasons I’m not Bullish on SEO as I …

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E-mail Marketing – It Still Works!

Do you think email marketing is dead? Many so-called experts have announced that email marketing is dead, well just take a look at this info graphic to see the hard data that shows the death of e-mail marketing has been exaggerated.


Facebook Marketing – The Seductive Power

Facebook insider document reveals that they are going to show less and less of the things you post. In Facebook speak, it’s called your Organic reach. Why? They want you to start paying. Facebook seduced and enticed us all with it’s free services and now that we are hooked they are going to be implementing …

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E-mail Marketing – 6 Elements of Effective E-mail Marketing

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