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Direct Response Marketing – 8 Rules For Marketing Any Product or Services


LinedIn Marketing – 12 Ways to Promote Your Business on LinedIn

LinkedIn is mostly a Business to Business media so if that’s your target market here are 12 ideas to help you promote your business on Linkedin.


LinkedIn – Is It Right For Your Local Business?

kevin Toney the marketing coach

Pros and Cons to Using LinkedIn If you are like many other small business owners, you may have reservations about using LinkedIn to put your brand on the map online. Using LinkedIn, of course, has its share of advantages that you should be aware of and that you should consider before deciding whether to join …

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Social Media Marketing: How to Get Social Media to Really Work

Social media marketing platform can be very seductive, because it many cases it’s free or low cost. But many businesses are using Social Media Marketing incorrectly, according to Scott Stratten, author of  Un Marketing. Listen to Scott on Social Media Examiner.


Is Facebook For Business Useless?


Social Media Sites – Best Time of the Day to Post Content

You can increase the visibility of your posts being seen on social networking sites, such as LinkedIn, by knowing what are the most active times of the day for social media and knowing your target audience. You’ll also want to know what worse time of day to post to social networking sites, as your posts …

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