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Lead Generation Ideas – 31 Lead Generation Ideas

lead generation marketing, prospecting for leads

I believe that Lead Generation strategies are the most important element of any marketing plan. Especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Don’t get sucked in to the brand building game. Branding is for bigger companies that have big marketing budgets, not businesses operating on a shoe-string marketing budget. Here are 31 Lead Generation, prospecting attracting …

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How to Get Yourself Out of a Marketing Rut

You know how sometimes in life you feel like you are in a rut and you just can’t get out. Well, sometimes I feel like I’m in a marketing rut. Thanks to Jamie Turner of 60 Second Marketer I found some tips on how to get out. Thought they might help you too. Here is …

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Grow Your Business 25% or More – 12 Step Marketing Plan


Pinterest – Six Ways You Can Use it to Promote Your Business

I recently started a Pinterest Board. I had no idea how I was going to use it to promote my small business marketing services. Then one of the Bloggers I like to read, Jamie Turner had these six tips  in his newsletter. Pinterest is actually an easy-to-use marketing tool for your company, whether you run …

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Attracting New Customers, Clients

In order to make your business attractive to potential customers you need to demonstrate that you can answer their questions and solve their problems. Slick advertising is no longer the answer to attracting new business. Putting together your logo, or photo with your contact info and placing it in a newspaper in my opinion is …

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4 Main Phases of Marketing

Kevin Toney, the marketing coach, Small business marketing


Beware of Social Media Shiny Objects

marketing ideas, marketing strategies, marketing fundamentals, Kevin toney the marketing coach, marketing coaching, marketing consulting, marketing training

Yes.. social media marketing can be effective at helping you grow your business, but remember that successful marketing still requires three fundamental things: 1) A defined target market, preferably a list in a database, 2) a great message or irresistible offer and 3) a media channel that will allow you to communicate your message frequently …

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Can Less Really Be Better Than More In Social Media Marketing?

social media marketing

Social media marketing can be effective at engaging with your current and potential customers in a two way conversation. It can also help you drive visitors to your website, blog and promote your brand (if you have one). Despite these great benefits you must remember that social media tools should be seen as another aspect …

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Ten Tips on How to Develop Your Referral Program

Talk to any small business owner about how they find most of their new customers or clients and the word referral always comes up. However, in most cases their referrals are sporadic and unpredictable. In order to receive a steady flow of referrals in to your business, I recommend you develop a specific referral program. …

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Are You Running a Business or Just Created a Job for Yourself?

Small Business Marketing Blog

I met with a potential client a few days ago and he tells me that he feels like he’s on a hamster wheel, but if he gets off his business will not survive.  At that point I remembered an article I read years ago that asked the question; “are you running a business or have …

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