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Beware of Social Media Shiny Objects

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Yes.. social media marketing can be effective at helping you grow your business, but remember that successful marketing still requires three fundamental things: 1) A defined target market, preferably a list in a database, 2) a great message or irresistible offer and 3) a media channel that will allow you to communicate your message frequently …

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12 Great Ways to Stay in Front of Your Customers

12 Great Ways to Stay in Front of Your Customers Here are 12 easy ways you can do to boost your marketing, management of your career or business. To get the ball rolling, let’s look at 12 great ways to stay in front of your customers more this year #1. Make more offers to them.  …

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There’s A Lot More to Prospecting Offline Than Cold Calling

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My girlfriend took a sales training course  a while back. So we were chatting about the training. She told me the instructor of the course asked the group of 18, who amongst them enjoyed prospecting.  Only two people raised their hands. The instructor went on to spend most of the time talking about cold calling …

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10 Tips on How to “Wow” Your Customers

1. Find unique ways to say thank you and show your gratitude. I know it’s a simple thing, but how many of you go out of your way to say thank you to your customers?  And don’t wait until Christmas; find opportunities to show gratitude everyday. How about after every sale, appointment or referrals? 2. …

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Seven Words for Marketing Success

1. Commitment – for the vast majority of marketing campaigns, marketing will not work instantly. Remember that marketing is a process, not an event. 2. Investment – money and time put into marketing looks like an expense. But the bigger picture is, it’s an investment in your future sales and profits. 3. Consistency – resist the urge to …

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How to Find a Niche

Mass marketing of products and services is becoming less and less effective. Most small business owners and sales professionals have heard of the concept of target marketing or niche marketing. Yet few take the time to find and develop a niche. Why? Because they probably don’t know how. A simple and easy way to find …

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