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Google Released It’s “Pigeon” Local Search Algorithm Update

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Google Released It’s “Pigeon” Local Search Algorithm Update. This will affect where you show up in the Local Search. There will be winners and losers. “DUI lawyer” and Realtor/realty/real estate, these are some of the keywords that have been negatively affected so far. These frequent changes are the reasons I’m not Bullish on SEO as I …

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Three Tips for Spotting an SEO Scammer

As a relatively new discipline that explores new territory and aims for a moving target, SEO can feel like a ride through the Wild West. We even use lingo like “white hat” and “black hat” to describe the good guys and the bad guys—and like any modern western, the difference between the two isn’t always …

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The Truth About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Last week I took a four hour class on Search Engine Optimization (SEO – making it easy for search engines like Google to find your website and give you first page ranking) The one thing that was very clear is how challenging it can be to show up on the first page of Google. Especially …

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