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I Lost My Cool Today

small business marketing Winnipeg company

I lost my cool with a client; first time ever in 25 years of doing business. I read her the riot act for listening to one of her friends instead of following my advice. For years I’ve been providing her with informed, expert marketing advice based on the numerous books I’ve read seminars and workshops …

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Facebook Marketing For Small Businesses

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Is Your Sales and Marketing Working? 5 Tell-Tale Signs You’re “Lookin’ for Love in all the Wrong Places.”

Is Your Sales and Marketing Working? 5 Tell-Tale Signs You’re “Lookin’for Love in all the Wrong Places.” By Lonnie Sciambi “Lookin’ for All in All the Wrong Places,” is a song that made its mark as part of the music track of the 80s movie, Urban Cowboy, and it often defines ill-fated sales and marketing strategies …

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Color And Emotion: How To Use Color To Affect People’s Emotions

Came across this image that demonstrate how big companies use color to affect people’s emotion. The image was in Jamie Turner’s newsletter, the “60 Second Marketer”


Lead Generation Ideas – 31 Lead Generation Ideas

lead generation marketing, prospecting for leads

I believe that Lead Generation strategies are the most important element of any marketing plan. Especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Don’t get sucked in to the brand building game. Branding is for bigger companies that have big marketing budgets, not businesses operating on a shoe-string marketing budget. Here are 31 Lead Generation, prospecting attracting …

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Marketing Plan – 10 Questions You Must As Yourself


Social Media Marketing – Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook

social media marketing

Book recommendation Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook Buy the boo at Amazon    


Small Business Marketing – The 7 Critical Areas

marketing ideas, marketing strategies

I`m a humongous fan world renown marketer Dan Kennedy. I saw this article in his newsletter and I thought you would find it helpful. Contact me for a Free Marketing Coaching Session to help you develop and implement these seven critical areas. 1-800-796-4960 By: Darcy Juarez  And in order to have your business run smoother, be less stressful, less …

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E-mail Marketing – 6 Elements of Effective E-mail Marketing


How to Get Yourself Out of a Marketing Rut

You know how sometimes in life you feel like you are in a rut and you just can’t get out. Well, sometimes I feel like I’m in a marketing rut. Thanks to Jamie Turner of 60 Second Marketer I found some tips on how to get out. Thought they might help you too. Here is …

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