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Social Media Marketing – What to Post

Hello, I’m not going to sugarcoat it, social media marketing is very time consuming and the most time consuming thing is finding and developing content that people will be attracted to and engage with. This video will give you some guidance and ideas on what kind of content to post. If you have any questions …

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Facebook Is Shafting Small Businesses

Facebook marketing can be effective for small businesses if done correctly. But it seems that Facebook is going out of its way to make it more and more difficult for businesses to get FREE marketing on their site. So you really need to do lots of lead generation on Facebook so you can build a …

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Facebook Marketing – Did We All Get Fooled?

Has Facebook Got You Fooled?   By: Jeff Bullas I’ve been preaching about this for a while now. I wrote about it back in January, hate to say I told you so, but read on. Are you chasing likes for your brand page? Paying for fans? Maybe it’s time to stop. In 2008 I joined Facebook. …

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