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Word of Mouth Marketing – Do You Have A Strategy?


Referral Marketing, Following Up: Seven Tips To Connect Via Email

referral marketing, word of mouth marketing

As  you know getting referrals from your current clients/customers/patients is one of the best sources for new business. With email so popular many people are making their initial contact to the referral prospect via email.  But what should you say in your first email to make a good first impression? Checkout these seven tips by …

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Four Rules of Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Rule 1: Be Interesting Nobody talks about boring companies, boring products, boring ads, Everyone can be interesting. Rule 2: Make People Happy Provide excellent service. Go the extra mile. Make sure the work you do gets people energized, excited, and eager to tell a friend. Rule 3: Earn Trust and Respect Nobody talks positively about …

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This Actually Works To Help You Get Referrals And Repeat Sales

Small Business Marketing, Kevin Toney the Marketing Coach

Become In Information Filter for Your Customers and Prospects. The Information Age that we live in can be very challenging. Something you learned just three months ago could be outdated today. Everyone (including your clients and prospects) is suffering from information overload. I believe that one of your jobs as a marketer, sales person and …

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The Secret Story About Word Of Mouth Marketing

Ask the typical small business owner how they get most of their business and the term “word of mouth marketing” is bound to come up. However, most of you are probably not taking full advantage of word of mouth marketing. Few business owners take proactive actions to encourage and promote word of mouth marketing for …

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How Committed Are You to Building a Referral Business?

Referrals are probably the most powerful, cost effective and enjoyable way to build your business. Leads generated by referrals will result in sales about 40-50 percent of the time and tend to be larger in dollar amount. Referred clients are more loyal and usually become long-term clients or customers. A referral by a trusted friend, …

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