Marketing Ideas – Do You Have The Courage To Fail?


Marketing Ideas – Do You Have The Courage To Fail?

Would you like to increase your sales and grow your business in 2016? If your answer is yes, then you need to have new marketing ideas and the courage to try them and fail.

If you’re truly committed to growing your business in 2016 then you can’t do the same marketing strategies and tactics. You can build on what worked for you in 2015, but you must also have the courage to implement new ideas, even knowing that not everything you try will be a resounding success.

Remarkable success requires that you have the courage to fail.

“PROFITING BY FAILURE will teach you how to make stepping stones out of all of your past and future mistakes and failures. It will teach you the difference between “failure” and “temporary defeat,” a difference which is very great and very important.” (Napoleon Hill)

I talk to many small business owners and sales professionals and 100% of them would like to increase their sales. But only a few are willing to try something new. Most want to do the same things, while expecting different results.

“If you keep on doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep on getting what you’re getting.” So if you want different sales results in 2016 you’ve got to be willing to invest in new marketing ideas and strategies.

Before you invest in new marketing, I recommend that you do an assessment of your current marketing efforts. If you’re not sure where to start, contact me for a Free Marketing Assessment.  No sales pitch, just practical, helpful feedback.

I wish you a very prosperous and profitable new year.

Author: Kevin Toney is “The Marketing Coach”. Kevin coaches small business owners and sales professionals on how to find and attract new customers, increase repeat business and generate a steady flow of referrals. Call 204-783-6342 for a FREE Marketing Assessment.

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Don’t Spend Another Dollar On Advertising Until You Read This

small business advertisingHow do you know if your advertising is working? I often review and critique ads for their effectiveness. Unfortunately, most small business ads are a waste of money and effort. Now I must admit that I’m making a bold statement, but many studies support my claim.

The classic example of an in-effective ad is the display ad with the company name at the top, a phone number, maybe an address and line that says call for information. This type of ad gives your potential customers no reason to contact you. They have no attention grabbing headline, offer no benefits and a weak call-to-action.

Many small business owners mistakenly believe that simply getting their “company name out there” will result in a flood of business. If all your competitors are “getting their name out” too, why should people do business with you instead of your competitors?

What’s the purpose of your ad?
Before you spend money on advertising you should ask yourself what’s the purpose of your ad. What results do you want to get from running your ad? Please don’t say to get your name out. Unless your name is Mark Zuckerberg or Oprah Winfrey your name’s probably not going to attract  a lot of people.

If your objective is to attract new customers, then you have to design your ad in a specific way that will get people to pick up the phone to call you , send you an email or go to your website to download something for free.

Your goal with this type of two- step, direct response advertising is to get people to identify themselves as your prospects. You want to offer them something they value for free so you can capture their contact information and follow-up with further marketing activities.

Are you running your ads in the right place?
Most businesses decide to run an ad when they get a call from an advertising sales person offering them a “good deal”. Little thought about whether the media is widely read, heard or seen by their target market goes into their decision.

How many of you have a clear profile of who you want to do business with? If you try to advertise to everyone, you’ll end up selling to very few.  Develop your customer profile and pick your niche. Then target and focus your advertising dollars and efforts to your niche.

You have to run your ads regularly
Running your ad sporadically is a waste of your money. Running your ad once or twice will probably give you the same results as not running it at all. Studies have shown that it takes 7-15 regular exposures before people ever respond to most advertising. If you can’t afford to run your ads consistently, regularly for several weeks maybe even months, find another way to promote your products and services. One time ads are usually a waste of your money.

Does your ad have a call to action?
What action do you want the reader to take after they read your advertising?
Do you want them to call you, visit your web site, or come into your store? Be specific about what you want your potential customers to do. The traditional approach of saying call for more information is not very effective. If you want to cut through all the advertising clutter and make your ads stand out, you have to be more creative than that.

It does not matter whether you’re placing your ads online or offline, if you follow these tips you will get the best results.

Next time you get another call from an advertising sales person offering you a good deal, keep these points in mind and you’ll save yourself hundreds of dollars, time and wasted efforts.

Author: Kevin Toney is “The Marketing Coach”. Kevin coaches small business owners and sales professionals on how to find and attract new customers, increase repeat business and generate a steady flow of referrals.
Call 204-783-6342 for your FREE Marketing Assessment.

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Small Business Marketing Growth

business growth

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Social Media Marketing – What to Post


I’m not going to sugarcoat it, social media marketing is very time consuming and the most time consuming thing is finding and developing content that people will be attracted to and engage with.

This video will give you some guidance and ideas on what kind of content to post. If you have any questions about social media marketing feel free to give me a call. (204) 783-6342


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Know, Like and Trust – How to Get It, 21 Tips

Know Like Trust21  Ways to get Your Target Market to “Know, Like, and Trust”  YOU

It is said that your chances of making a sale is zero if  your target audience does not KNOW, LIKE or TRUST  YOU.  Small businesses usually tackle the KNOW factor  with traditional awareness advertising, but do very little about the LIKE and TRUST factors. Here are some tips to help tackle all three factors.

 Six Ways to help You Become Known

  1. Make sure you’re talking to the right audience
  2. Become an EXPERT in a Niche
  3. Create, Curate and distribute content your audience will like and value
  4. 4 Develop a “VALUE ADDED” free product to give away (offer a detailed solution packaged in an eBook, special report, video, or white paper)
  5. Encourage people to share your content via social media
  6. Build relationships with key influencers

Seven Actions to Build Your Likability Online

  1. Be yourself, authenticity sells
  2. Be nice! Nice guys don’t always finish last
  3. Encourage people to start a two way conversation with you
  4. Get to know your target market better via research and asking questions to discover their key issues
  5. Use multiple medias to get the most visibility
  6. Social media – 95% Relationship Building, 5% selling
  7. Share other people’s content and give credit, site source

Eight Factors That Help Build Trust

  1. Give away valuable information
  2. Whatever marketing you do be consistent
  3. Use testimonials in your marketing
  4. Use Case Studies
  5. Avoid industry jargon
  6. It’s ok to Apologize when you need to
  7. Use content marketing to avoid being and looking pushy
  8. Offer guarantees if possible in your industry

Source: CopyBlogger.com

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Direct Response Marketing – 8 Rules For Marketing Any Product or Services

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Online Directories: 20 Places to List Your Business Profile

Listing your business in Free Online Directories is an effective strategy to improve your presence online. It helps to improve your rankings with the various search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Select the directories that you think will work best for your industry. watch the video now.


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Google Search Algorithm Update April 20, Important News


Google Search Algorithm Update April 20Google changes its search algorithm hundreds of times a year. While most of these changes are minor, Google sometimes rolls out a “major” algorithmic update that affects search results in significant ways.

On April 20th, 2015 Google is going to make a major update to it’s search engine Algorithm. Why should you care? Starting April 21, 2015, Google will give preference to “Mobile friendly” websites in search results. If your website is NOT Mobile compliant your website may not show up in the mobile search results.

“This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.” (Search Engine watch)

If you don’t have a mobile compliant website, it’s critical that you develop one. You have two options:

1. Keep your current site and develop a mobile dedicated site, fairly cost effective and very “user friendly”
2. Develop a brand new site that is designed to be “RESPONSIVE” to all screen sizes.

Data compiled from several sources  show that dedicated mobile sites have a much better conversion rate because they are designed specifically for mobile platforms. They usually load faster and are easier to navigate. The bottom line, they give your visitors a better mobile user experience. Responsive sites will save you time when updating, because you only have to deal with one site.

Did you know?

61% of mobile users will immediately leave a website that isn’t mobile friendly.

70% of mobile searches that land on an optimized mobile website result in a purchase, a signup or other positive action in the near future.

Developing a dedicated mobile website or a responsive site will put you in compliance  with the new Google algorithm changes. I can help you develop either option. But right now you can get a mobile dedicated site for only $297.00 (Save $100.00) This offer expires April 30th. When you order your mobile dedicated site you will also get a FREE E-book: Mobile Marketing For Local Businesses. Tips and ideas on how to use mobile marketing to grow your business.

Failure to make your website “Mobile friendly”  will have significant negative consequences for your  search results.

Do you know if your website is Mobile compliant?  Click Here to take Google’s test.

If your website fails, pick up the phone and call me (204 -783-6342) immediately to get your mobile site developed. Until April 30th you can get a mobile website for only  $199.00 , Save $100.00. Call now!

Google Search Algorithm   Update April 20

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Why Do People REALLY Buy?

Newsflash! Most people care about themselves. They don’t care about you or your business. But they do care what your products or services will DO for them.

Will your products and services make them happier, save them money, make them money or save them time? It’s vital to know and understand what motivates your potential customers to buy from you.

Most people buy on emotion then justify it logically. Why? Because we are all genetically programmed with desires or needs that must be fulfilled. Researchers call them our “Primary Desires.”

They include:

  1. Survival, enjoyment and extension of life
  2. Enjoyment of food
  3. Freedom from fear, pain and danger
  4. Sexual companionship
  5. Comfortable living conditions
  6. Opportunity to be a winner
  7. Care and protection of the ones we love
  8. Social approval 

Can you resist your desire to eat for very long? Can you quash your will to survive? Is it easy to repress your desire for comfort and sexual companionship? Do you ever stop caring and wanting to protect your kids? We all want these things and often go to extraordinary lengths to get them.

Sure, there are more things that you want and researches have come up with a list of nine that they call “Secondary Human Wants or learned needs:

  1. To be informed
  2. Curiosity
  3. Clean body and surroundings
  4. Efficiency
  5. Convenience
  6. Dependability or quality
  7. Expression of beauty and style
  8. Wealth or profit
  9. Bargains 

Smart marketing and sales should appeal to the eight natural biological needs and the nine learned wants.

As previously mentioned, people mostly buy on emotion. So it’s important that you include a combination of the natural biological needs and the learned wants in all your marketing.  Contact me if you want to learn more about this subject.


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