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marketing ideas, marketing strategies, kevin toney marketing coachDiscover How To Leverage Your Existing Marketing Assets To Achieve Dramatic Growth of 25% And More… Without Having To Spend A Lot Of Extra Money On Advertising.

You’ll learn how to leverage and optimize your marketing assets to help you get the biggest bang for your marketing dollars and efforts.

There are only three ways to get exponential growth in a business:

1. Increases the number of prospects you’re getting.

2. Increase the conversion rate of prospects to customers.

3. Increase the dollar value of each of your customers customer.

 Many businesses struggle because they place the majority of their marketing efforts only on increasing their number of prospects.

I recommend a Marketing System consist of 8 marketing pillars. The added advantage to this marketing system is that if one of the marketing pillars crashes, the others are strong enough to hold up your business.

In many businesses dramatic growth can occur by implementing the first five pillars. The other three are insurance policies.

You will get a free initial consultation (Marketing Opportunity Analysis) where I will help you uncover your hidden marketing assets and reveal to you thousands of dollars that you’re leaving on the table. It often is quite an eye opener for business owners and sales professionals.

You can get more details at www.FreeMarketingHelp.ca . Then call  1-800-796-4960 to get your FREE Marketing Opportunity Analysis.


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