Why Do People Buy?

We all know more and more products and services are becoming commodities. This makes it challenging for your business to standout in our hyper competitive market place.

To compete you must give your customers and prospects compelling reasons to do business with you. Author and sales trainer Jeffery Gitomer says, “it’s more important to know why people buy, than it is to know how to sell”.

Before people fork over their hard earned cash, you have to answer two questions that all prospects want answered: 1) “Why should I buy this product or service?  Prospects want to know what benefits they are going to get from purchasing your goods or services. They want to know how your products/services are going to bring value or improve their lives.

For example, save them time and money, make them money, reduce their stress, boost their ego or self-esteem and make them look good in the eyes of their boss, co-workers or neighbours.

Once your prospects have sold themselves on wanting your products/services, then you must answer key question number two. “Why should I buy from you instead of one of your many competitors?

There are many other businesses just like yours, offering the same products or services. So how are you going to get your prospects to spend their money at your business?

If you can clearly communicate the answers to these two questions to your target market, you stand an excellent chance of acquiring a new customer or client.

To get an advantage over your competitors you must get better at answering these two questions. Re-evaluate all your marketing materials, business cards, brochures, web sites, print ads. Make sure that they all clearly communicate the answers to these two “why buy” questions: Why buy this product/service and why should I buy from your business?

Do you know why your current customers or clients buy from you? It’s “smart marketing” to ask them. You can do an informal survey with the top 20% of your clients. Use their answers to make your marketing message more effective and to improve your sales environment or presentations.

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