Beware of Social Media Shiny Objects

marketing ideas, marketing strategies, marketing fundamentals, Kevin toney the marketing coach, marketing coaching, marketing consulting, marketing trainingYes.. social media marketing can be effective at helping you grow your business, but remember that successful marketing still requires three fundamental things: 1) A defined target market, preferably a list in a database, 2) a great message or irresistible offer and 3) a media channel that will allow you to communicate your message frequently at a reasonable investment.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that all you have to do is hangout on Facebook, Linkedin and prospects will flock to you like bees to flowers.

As you already know, social media marketing is very time intensive. It’s a new media and marketers are still testing to learn how to generate sales from social media marketing. What’s that, you just want to “get your name out there”? Good luck with that. It takes a lot more than just “getting your name out there” to generate steady sales.

Do you know that only about 15% of your Fanpage fans usually see your post or status updates? Facebook is now charging a fee if you want all your Fans to see everything you post.

It’s a new revenue stream for them, they call it a “Sponsored Post” It’s not cheap, about $50-$200 a post to get your message out to 75% of your friends and fans. Even when you pay, they will not guarantee you  100% of your fans will see all your post and updates.

You don’t want to spend all your efforts on social media while forgetting to focus on the three fundamentals of successful marketing. In my experience small business owners and entrepreneurs spend way too much time on deciding what media to use, instead of developing a compelling, irresistible offer.

Many business owners are asking me about social media marketing, but they don’t have a workable database of past, current or potential clients. “But Kevin, I have one trillion LIKES on Facebook”. Think about this, if Facebook was to shutdown today how would you continue to communicate with your one trillion LIKES? Do you have their email address, mailing address or phone number?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Social media marketing is a waste of time. I love it!

I’m just reminding you never to forget the three key elements to successful marketing:
1) A defined target market, preferably a list in a database, 2) a great message or irresistible offer and 3) a cost-effective media channel that will allow you to communicate your marketing offer over and over and over… without going broke.

No matter what new social media shiny object comes along these three principles will always be the cornerstone of effective marketing.

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marketing ideas, marketing tips, marketing strategies, marketing coaching, marketing consulting, marketing trainingPublished by: Kevin Toney is “the Marketing Coach”.  Kevin coaches small business owners and sales professionals on how to find and attract new customers, increase repeat business and generate a steady flow of referrals.


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