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Small Business Marketing Ideas, Coaching, Consulting And Training

By Kevin Toney – the Marketing Coach

Would you like to learn how to grow your business 25-100%, and more, using HIDDEN MARKETING ASSETS in your business, so you won’t have to spend extra money on advertising?


“High School Volleyball Coach Shares His Passion for Coaching and Expertise On Marketing To Help Small Business Owners Improve Their Marketing And Increase Their Sales”

Are you struggling to find and attract customers/clients/patients? Maybe you’re fed up and unhappy with your current sales. Do you lay awake at night stressing and worrying about where your next sale is going to come from?

My name is Kevin Toney– my clients call me the Marketing Coach. I’m sure you believe that you have a good product/service, but you might be confused and frustrated why your business isn’t growing like you want.

Why I DO What I Do?

I believe that marketing is the number one skill small business owners and sales professionals must learn to achieve constant business growth. Everything I do is to help you discover the ideas, strategies and tools that will help you improve your marketing, so you can increase your sales. I want to help make your journey on the road of entrepreneurship a less bumpy and more rewarding one.

 Why Partner With Me To Help You Increase Your sales?

There are only three ways to grow your business. Most marketing professionals and advertising people only focus on one. I’ll show you how to grow your business in all three ways, so you can grow your business 25%-100% or more without having to spend extra money on advertising.

You’ll get Step-by step, hand-holding marketing help to improve your marketing and increase your sales. You will discover how to make your marketing effective, affordable and easy to implement.

Get a Free 30 Minute Over-the-Phone Marketing Coaching Session

Call 1-800-796-4960 Or Take a Quick, Over-the-Web Marketing Check-Up
Go to: www.MarketingCheckup.ca

Is your business “Mobile Friendly”? Find out why you need to make sure your business is “mobile friendly”

Don’t have time to implement your marketing tactics… I will do it for you.

Kevin Toney, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author

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