What Is Marketing?

Whenever I ask small business owners what they think marketing is I usually get two words; advertising and selling.

Marketing isn’t just advertising or selling. It’s a strategic approach to acquiring new prospects and customers. It’s the process of finding individuals or businesses that are most likely to need and want your product or service and can afford to pay for it.

Marketing is about finding out what the needs of your potential customers are;their challenges and problems; then educating them on how your products or services will benefit them by solving their problems.

It’s also about implementing activities that will develop relationships with customers and prospects so you can get them to like and trust you, while encouraging them to give you referrals and repeat business.

So next time you hear the word marketing, think way, way beyond advertising and selling. Don’t just think of it as one single event or ad. Marketing is most effective for small business owners when they use many different strategies and tactics, working together to achieve a common goal, like increasing your sales.

According to world renowned management guru, Dr. W. Edwards Deming, business has two main functions: to INNOVATE and to MARKET.

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  1. Kevin Toney - the Marketing Coach says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback. I wish you success with your marketing journey.

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